Step One: Blank Canvas

In order to unleash your creativity and awake the inner artist, you’ll need to choose between several base models. We present you a wide selection of different types of shoes, each made of different material.
Choose your blank canvas wisely and start creating.

Image module
Image module

Step Two: Becoming the Artist

Once you’ve chosen the preset, you’d want to confirm your artistic intentions. Click the button ‘design your own’ and step into your virtual workshop.

Step Three: Anatomy of the Shoe

The secret of real craftsmanship lies in the careful and studious design. Devil is in the detail – and that is why we gave you the opportunity to personalize every part of the shoe separately and observe as they harmoniously fall into the whole. For every part of the shoe, from hill to lace, there is a unique color palette. Start with a sole design, advance to the base of your shoe and complete your creation by selecting the color of laces and hill. Finally, chose your size and click “add to cart” to order your work of art. If you feel that your creation is not ready to meet the world, you can always chose to save your work progress and to revise it later. Click “save for later” button, and wait for the next visitation of your Muse.

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